About Us

Welcome to Natural Serenity, the home of London’s bath, body & beauty connoisseurs. We produce the UK’s finest body care products, from shower gels to body creams, body/hand lotions to lip balms, body scrubs to body mists, blended by quality-based ingredients with a touch of London brave fragrances and bright colours. You’ll recognise our famous collection of Natural Serenity – DION London brand, as well as our beautiful gifts.

Here at Natural Serenity, we pride ourselves on our ability to make everyone feel special when using our products. You’ll recognise our first collection of Natural Serenity – DION London brand, as well as our beautiful gifts. Our products are for everyone; for her, for him and for the home. Natural Serenity – DION London is made for stylish homes, high-end departmental stores and five-star hotels.

Our ambition is to create products that are always honest, natural and true to our British heritage. Our products are all British made to respond to an increasing demand for British made products, and buyers from the UK and overseas.

Natural Serenity has been formed with a 25-year experience of experts in producing and marketing of the world-class bath, body & beauty products. We are situated in London, UK, and work with leading perfumeries, pharmacies and department stores around the world. “DION London” products are now present in 17 countries around the world.

Welcome to our world


We are based here in London and formed with a 25-year of accumulated experience


We blend each ingredient with care, skill and years of experience.


We source high-quality and rare ingredients from around the world.


Our products are for her, for him, for everyone, and for the home.


We never test on animals.


Our Values



Respect is our philosophy. It should lead all of us to appreciate the value of others, to consider all of the group’s internal and external stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, distributors, competitors… And of course nature, from which we draw our inspiration and extract our essence.


Because it combines creativity, commitment and determination, Natural Serenity is a driving factor for innovation and success. For us, being bold is to believe in man and in his wild imagination. It means forging new care and fragrances paths, being where you do not expect us. It is about constantly reinventing ourselves. It is about pushing the boundaries of science. It is about daring to surprise… Dreaming to make others dream.


Natural Serenity is made up of passionate men and women who are motivated by a desire to be the best in their respective markets and engaged in a process of continuous improvement. They all share the need for quality, a sense of excellence, taste for efficiency combined with sensory appeal, the desire to seduce and succeed in body care and beauty!


Our products are committed to long-lasting body care and beauty. Body care and beauty based on the unique know-how of leading product designers. Responsible body care and beauty, reflected in terms of sustainable development. It is about anticipating the long term impact of our decisions, eco-designing products and packaging, adopting a responsible approach. Tomorrow is today.

Our Vision

Connecting well-being, beauty and environment.

Our Mission

Our mission at Natural Serenity is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Natural Serenity, we strive to set an example for body care and well-being, environmental leadership and responsibility.